Marc Jacobs launched a new shoe performance in the fall of 2023

Over the years, Marc Jacobs has been known for a shoe: giant thick sole shoes. The iteration of the Lili style, its huge thick heels and a row of extreme straps let everyone from Lady Gaga and DUA LIPA to Paris Hilton and Met Gala Star Kendall Jenner appear elegant.

But for the designer’s 23rd autumn fashion show, this platform no longer exists. Instead, the opposite ballet bottom shoes are replaced.

This show was held in the New York Public Library (this designer has been in the park avenue for a long time, and the rookies in the past few seasons) just spoke on the runway for only three minutes. During that time, the models walked on the floor of the library wearing a variety of mini: mini skirt, mini dress, hot pants.

A series of black patent leather ballet flat shoes replaced Jacobs’s iconic thick -soled shoes, with a pointed design and simple white socks. Many shapes are also equipped with transparent black socks cut at the ankle.

This new flat shoe is part of the pointed style that appeared in the 23rd autumn series, and Jacobs specially selected this shoe on his show. This fact has won firm recognition for ballet flat shoes and became a kind of The trend that may spread. From the T stage to the contemporary series and other markets in the future. Ballet shoes may also marked the end of the thick -sole convex sole and ultra -high -thick sole -at least in the fast -paced fashion trend cycle.

Flat shoes also appear on the designer himself. Jacobas used to be famous for wearing his own thick -soled shoes. During the rehearsal performance, people saw him sitting in the front row in a pair of ballet flat shoes. His pair of shoes is made of black velvet material, which is dotted with a small bow.

The new era of ballet flat shoes may be coming, but or anyone will mourn for the lack of thick sole shoes on the 23rd autumn fashion show of Jacobs. Shoes, and other iterations -proves that the designer’s giant high heels will not be popular.

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