Magdte Robby has just wore the original “Barbie” clothing

The “Barbie Doll” movie will not be released until July 21, but in the past month, the media tour of the film shows that it is committed to hype, especially through the fashion moments of Magdte Robby.

The latest model proves that Robby is committed to paying tribute to her role and her huge heritage in popular culture.

On Thursday, the actress attended another press conference at her motherland, Australia, Australia. This time, referring to “Barbie#1”. This is the first Barbie doll. It was launched for the first time in 1959. It wears black and white stripes without straps without clusters, a pair of white sunglasses, exquisite ring earrings, and a pair of black off -toed high heels.

In order to reproduce this shape, Robby and stylist Andrew Mukamal chose a black and white striped Hervé Léger bandage mini dress (looking like customized) and a pair of Jacques Marie Mage white retro sunshine, and a pair of jewelry dealers from Los Angeles Circle Ring Sipineli Kilcolin. There are also red lipsticks and nail polish.


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But the most exciting and just right part of the shape is shoes. The open -toe high heels are from Manolo Blahnik. The company has always cooperated with Robbie and Mukamal to create a series of customized high heels for media tour. This pair of shoes is a customized model for the brand’s Jada style. The velvet Gemuller shoes with almond -shaped toe and wear -resistant 70mm heel.

When Robbie participated in the “Barbie” press conference and various trailers released before the premiere of the movie, all the eyes were concentrated on her.

But people’s attention has shifted to her shoes, especially because the first -time movie plot has revealed the movie plot including the main shoes moment. The recent trailer revealed such a scene: “Destroyed Barbie Doll” played by Kate McKinnon (Kate McKinnon), after losing the iconic high -heeled foot arch and finding that he suffers from flat feet, it is Robbie. Barbie provides the choice of high -heeled shoes or a pair of Birken shoes she usually wear.

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